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foto-creatif nft-s art shop is the perfect place to find special and unique artwork collections by former tv camerman, Roger Davies. Each artwork is minted in limited edition of 100 and curated on with print options available in canvas, acrylic, wood or artpaper - signed certificate of authencity is provided.
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Gallery 1: foto-creatif

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Roger Davies,  a professional TV Cameraman, at one-time working for the BBC and Granada TV, has for many years also taken still image photographs and turned them into digitised works of art. Now he would like to share some of these with you in a series of limited adition prints using the new medium of NFT with an emphasis on this new creative form of expression, and image interpretation.
This gives each new artwork an unique stylisation and crafting from the original high resolution photograph into a NEW subtle and original 'artist's appreciation' of its subject content using individual painting styles and specialist software.
Another aspect which he brings to bear in creation of new NFT-s is that the title of each work is also used to extend the parody beyond the visual impact of the NFT - eg 'N_eff-Tee at the 4th' at Llanymynech  (see above) where the backdrop is that the Welsh border cut off the English player from continuing play due to the pandemic - so no play after the 4th Tee! The club house at the 19th also being closed resulting in: N_eff-gee N_T at the 19th (shown here).

Gallery 2: NFT-s

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About Roger Davies

Some friends recently discovered the amazing artwork collections from former television cameraman, Roger Davies. His minted and curated art pieces are available on in limited edition signed prints. Each NFT can additionally be supplied as a print on canvas, acrylic, wood or artpaper, sized to specific order, and all aew supplied with a certificate signed by the artist.
They were blown away by the quality of Roger Davies’ artworks. His vibrant and vivid pieces capture beauty and emotion in each one. From the vibrant colors to the intricate details, his art is truly breathtaking. The basis of a series of limited edition nft-s & prints make them even more exclusive and potentially a valuable investment. They highly recommend checking out Roger’s work at foto-creatif art shop and if you are looking for unique and beautiful art pieces as nft-s and/or prints to establish your own collection.
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Prints on Canvas

- prices lie in ballpark of £99.50 to £129.50
- included is hanging set, delivery charges and vat
Prints on Acrylic
Reproduced in 3mm-thick acrylic panels – the image is produced either as a direct print or on lab-quality photo paper – and placed behind crystal-clear acrylic glass
Signed certificate of Authenticity
Limited Edition Prints: each print is given an unique number out of a maximum of 100, and signed by the artist. A certificate of authenticy is provided.
Prints on Wood
Images Printed on Wood are one of the latest decor trends.

10mm thick prints are made on plywood with a pleasing natural tone, using a 12 colour printing technology, all done on a perfectly milled wooden panel.
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foto-creatif nft-s art shop presents digital artist/photographer Roger Davies' Collections of Minted and Curated Artworks in Limited Editions – Prints on Canvas, Acrylic, Wood or Artpaper are additionally available to Order.
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