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foto-creatif nft-s art shop offers exclusive and limited-edition NFTs from the former TV cameraman Roger Davies' artwork collections. These NFTs are minted and curated on, so you can purchase and own original pieces of art. There are also options to order prints on canvas, acrylic, wood, or art paper. Collect to own exclusive pieces of Roger Davies' artworks!
Roger Davies -
Olympics Bubbles offers visibility of the Bubbles that the Olympic Events took place in at Tokyo due to the Pandemic safeguarding imposed which allowed no spectators to attend and stringent isolation of the athletes within their own bubbles - which in these images can be seen surrounding them - an NFT collection that will truly appreciate in value.
Olympic Bubbles
OpenSea Moments: Seascape painting has been present throughout art history, and is still relevant today. The oceans have inspired many artists and constantly bare new art themes, sensations, and wonders. Sea and art have thus become two allies within the artistic world, bound by mutual thought and emotion; and now expressed through the fluidity of NFT, OpenSea Moments is here.
OpenSea Moments
Abstract'n Art: Abstract art is often seen as carrying a moral dimension, in that it can be seen to stand for virtues such as order, purity, simplicity and spirituality. Within the Abstract 'n Art NFT-s collection herein another aspect is the title of each work is also used to extend the parody beyond the visual impact of the image, rather than represent an accurate depiction.
Abstract Art
Newly Mintedt: How and when does inspiration strike - another intangible or non-fungible brain-surge - herein exhibited as Newly MInted NFT-s by Roger Davies.
Newly Minted
Freshly Minted: And when more inspiration strikes - yet more thoughts provoke fresh ideas and brain waves - herein exhibited as Freshly MInted NFT-s by Roger Davies.
Freshly Minted
News Evented: Breaking news and topical events - provoking fresh portayal and visual puns - herein executed as News Evented NFT-s by Roger Davies.
News Evented
Incidented NFT-s: depicting news events and incidentals within stylised puns - entitled Incidented NFT-s by Roger Davies.
Incidented NFT-s
Mints 'n More: depicting new mints and more topical NFT-s - by Roger Davies - please ENJOY!.
Mints 'n More
More Besides: - St Tropez and More Besides - NEW French Riviera inspirational NFT-s - by Roger Davies - from a recent trip - hope you'll love to collect and enjoy.
More Besides
NASA_depic_TED:- offers the collector, Roger Davies's inspired NFT interpretations of NASA's amazing images from the Hubble Telescope
Screen Prin_TED: - In this new colection Roger Davies offers NFT interpretations of 'models' on a Webcam site - as always the title is also used to extend the parody beyond the visual potrayed. concepts.
Screen Prin_TED
More Originals and More: from Roger Davies's portfolio plus recent news items all expressed as original NFT interpretations..
More Originals and More
And Pre-Historically: - imagines NFT-s evolving from the time of the dinosaurs in a new collection within Roger Davies's portfolio as life formed on earth and pre-dates the origins of all mankind in our modern world.
And Pre-Historically
Not Less but More (NFT-s) - NFT interpretations of more originals from my portfolio and world news items.
Not Less but More
Georgia on my Mind - NFT interpretations of more originals from my portfolio depicting a recent visit to Tibilisi.
Georgia on my Mind
Pop Tarts - Pop Tarts are more pop up arts originals from my photographic albums of the past
Pop Tarts
Singapore Slings - Offers new art originals from my photographic recent visit to Singapore.
Singapore Slings
War in Ukraine - Interpretations on the Theme of some Photographic Reportage of  War in Ukraine.
War in Ukraine
Phuket - Thai Easter Eggs offers new art originals from a recent visit to Phuket, Thailand.
Thai Easter Eggs
RD - First Editions (on display at OpenSea) offers a chance to buy first edition no 1/100 of the artworks exhibited in the latest collection displayed at Gallery 28
RD - First Editions
Roger Davies - First Editions (on display OpenSea) offers a chance to buy first edition edition no 1/100 of the artworks in a selection exhibited in the latest collection displayed at Gallery 29
Roger Davies - First Editions
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